Born in France from a madagascan dad and a dutch mum - lived in the UK for 4 years - living in the NL. I am passionate about music, languages and technology, I love that their learning process is endless. My versatility allows me to have a broad perspective on a specific topic and to adapt to any situation. My hands-on mentality, character, ambition and organisation have proven to be positive assets.

I studied IT management in France at Lille 1 and graduated in 2013.
I studied popular music and worship in the UK at Nexus ICA and graduated in 2016.
I am studying web development on internet.


  • Original band
  • Function band
  • Worship band
  • Gospel choir
  • Studio/Live recording
  • Teaching/Workshop

I've gigged in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Ukraine... My bass playing has always met people's expectations. I deliver what needs to be done.

I've played with artists such as Mark Beswick, Steve Thompson, Victoria Canal, Hanne de Vries, etc..

My playing may adapt to the situation but my integrity will always remain the same.


Musical ear Social Creativity
Finding solutions Learning new things Impartiality
French English Dutch

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